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>> 2017-2019—Frontmen(Ukraine)-Web Designer

>> 2019—Field Day(Israel)-Graphic Designer-Intenrship

>> 2019-2022—Frontmen(Ukraine)-Art-Director

>> 2022—Ark(Israel)-Graphic+Web Designer 

>> 2022-2024— Designer

Designer and Art Director from Kyїv, now based in Tel Aviv and moving to London. Mostly specialized in graphic and web design. Interested in any kind of visual communication and digital interaction. Working with both culture and commerce.

Imbrik Yan

Working with

small & big products such as:

Website for Channels product



Interface for Insurance Services



Designer in the Templates Team

Ecommerce website


View the Case

View the Case

View the Case

Stories about

recent projects.

Happy Monday

New Brand Identity

WIX AI Conference

Brand Identity

Fashion Store

WIX Template Design

Redash >> Art Direction

Redash - Print

WIX >> Festival Template